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We specialize in creating tailor made virtual experiences to offer our client's the most effective marketing, training, simulation, and educational content.

Distance Learning Development

Distance Learning
Electronic learning course for Marine Corps Police produced in part by EMG Technolgies.

Electronic learning and training is essential to businesses and institutions. EMG Technologies is experienced in developing lessons that comply with elearning standards such as SCORM and AICC. Our eLearning packages can include EAGLE 360® components for an immersive experience.

Simulation & Virtual

Digital Signage
VR simulation produced by EMG Technolgies that showcases the DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System by LaValley Industries.

Simulations provide a realistic method of visulizing and learning about a device or environment without physically being there. It is effective for training or marketing, and reduces costs, and risks. EMG Technologies has developed simulations using VR headsets and a blend of 360-degree video, 3D models, and supporting data to create cost effective, and immersive simulations. This unique blend of technolgies is the essence of EAGLE 360®.


360° Imaging

360-degree Imaging
Panoramic 360° photo of the Jefferson Memorial photographed by EMG Technologies.

We provide immersive VR experiences using 360° video or photography. The 360° imagery provides higher degree of visual realism than can be obtained through computer generated imagery, and at a fraction of the cost. EMG Technologies combines the 360° imagery with interactive features and layers of information to include 3D models, animation, photography, videos and more. The result is an effective application for distance learning, virtual tours, and product or equipment demonstrations. Our 360° imaging capabilities are a key component of EAGLE 360®.


EAGLE 360 ® USS Nautilus USS Bowfin USS Barry Diamond Head DECKHAND®


360-degree Imaging
A 3D model generated using photogrammetry techniques by EMG Technologies.

Using a drone equipped with a high definition camera, EMG Technologies captures larger sets of photos along a specified flight path. The imagery is later combined with GPS data and processed to generate 3D models. These models are used a basis for accurate terrain mapping, scaling and positioning of objects, as well as color and texture. The resulting model is cleaned up and modified to create an optimized model for use in 360° applications including VR. This technique is a component of EAGLE 360®.

Photogrammetry Demo

Digital Signage

Digital Signage
A video wall and custom framed video display installed by EMG Technologies.

EMG Technologies brings a strong production management approach to your digital signage solutions. Beginning with your basic requirements, we will work with you to provide content and programming that delivers your message with effectiveness and impact. We then continue to provide assistance for full lifecycle support of your system. We are also a long time parter with Scala, an industry leader of digital signage software and technologies.


Video Production

Digital Signage
Video production by EMG Technologies in progress at the Naval Academy, and a Surface Navy Association event.

Empire Media Group provides a full range of high definition broadcast quality video production services, including event coverage. We specialize in full life cycle "script to screen" productions, but also provide a la carte services. Our team is also fully certified by the FAA to fly our custom industrial-grade UAS which can be used for a wide array of applications. Finished products can be provided in a variety of formats compatible with broadcast, web, and multimedia applications to meet YOUR specifications.

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