Distance Learning

Electronic learning and training is essential to the success of businesses and institutions. EMG Technologies is experienced in developing lessons that comply with elearning standards such as SCORM and AICC.

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Simulation & VR

Simulations in VR headsets or interactive screens provide a realistic method of visulizing and learning about equipment or environments without physically being there. It is effective for training or marketing, and reduces costs, and risks.

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Video Production

We provide script to screen production services with an focus on your specific message and target audience. Our services comply with industry best practices to acheive the best value for your budget and communication needs.

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News and Information

We provide creative solutions and advanced applications for interactive digital media.

Benefits of Distance Learning

One of the most significant advantages of deploying electronic learning courses is the reduced cost of training, compared to staffing traditional classroom environments. Having your curriculum available online or through a desktop interface enables your students to take courses on their own time by logging in with their given credentials. Another beneficial aspect of eLearning is the fact of having consistency in the presentation of the material.

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EAGLE 360 ® - VR Imaging

For Training, Simulation, and Situational Awareness. It is more than just spherical imaging, our 360° viewer serves as a platform for a powerful suite of visually immersive applications. From spherical image acquisition to a complete application build, EAGLE 360 ® can fulfill all of your requirements.

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Distance Learning Videos

Recording video of lectures, demonstrations, and tutorials, is among the quickest and most effective ways to generate distance learning materials. Nearly every Learning management system (LMS) deployed today has the ability to manage videos. EMG Technologies provides a full range of high definition production services, including capture of interviews, lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and productions from script to screen.

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Touch Here to Begin

Touch screens are everywhere! our phones, tablets, appliances and more. They simplify user interfaces, and keep students and customers enguaged. EMG Technologies has designed and deployed numerous touchscreen applications for museums and exhibits. These application are also deployable as apps on the Web, or for computers and mobile devices.

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