Video Production

We provide all the services you need from script to screen.

Video Production
Video production both scripted and live.

Script to Screen Services

EMG Technologies provides a full range of high definition broadcast quality video production services including event coverage, corporate communications, and a range of other production categories. We specialize in full life cycle "script to screen" production services, but also provide a-la-carte services to suit your production requirements. Finished products can be provided in a variety of formats compatible with broadcast, Web, and multimedia applications to meet your specifications. We also provide authoring and integration services to publish videos to the Internet, DVDs, touch screen displays, public exhibits, digital signage, and more.

Video Production
Wendy Lawrence speaking at the Naval Academy Distinguished Graduate Awards.

Event Coverage

EMG Technologies provides cameras, crews, and equipment for coverage of ceremonies, symposiums, galas, and other events. Using multiple cameras and integration with audio visual systems assure the best quality video and audio is captured. See examples of from the United States Naval Academy Distinguished Graduate Awards, which is an annual event we have covered since the year 2000.


Scripted and Interview Based Productions

EMG Technologies uses a project management approach to assure that every video we make meets your specific requirements and effectively communicates your message to your audience. We provide and manage all the services you need to meet your deadline and give you the best value.

Our services are provided in accordance with industry best practices for film and video production. They include the following:

  • Project Management including the production services of a producer, director, and production manager;
  • Pre-Production services including script writing, storyboards, treatments, and logistics planning;
  • Production services including camera operation, lighting, audio engineering, direction, scene set-up, on-screen talent/ guest preparation, interviewing, and more;
  • Post Production services including editing, format conversion, visual effects, motion graphics, animation, audio mixing and processing, music integration, and other related services.
  • Research services for acquisition of public domain and stock media sources.
  • Distribution services includes DVD authoring, Web development, touchscreen displays, digital signage, and assistance with mass distribution of your video.

Past Projects:

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