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We provide advanced services and support for Scala digital signage systems.

Digital Signage
A video wall and custom framed video display installed by EMG Technologies.

Certified Scala Partner

We have been serving Scala customers for over 15 years. EMG Technologies is the only resource you will need to implement your Scala Digital Signage system. From planning to installation, to content development, and operational support, EMG Technologies will guide you through every phase of your digital signage project.

System Design and Installation

System design involves the selection and integration of audio visual components and information technologies. It is a critical step for the implementation of any digital signage system. EMG Technologies begins by learning your specific digital signage requirements. We take into account your target audience, location of signs, goals, frequency of information updates, type of information, and more. We will accommodate your requirements by recommending hardware components, mounting options, network options, content management procedures, and special considerations for your environment.

Content Development

Your digital signage must engage your audience, as well as provide an efficient means of communication. With over 20 years of awarding winning media development, EMG Technologies can provide content that will engage your audience and maximize your investment. Beyond the basics we can provide advanced programming and scripting services, as well as on-site training to meet your precise organizational requirements.

Advance Scripting and Integration

Scala is a powerful system right out of the box. However, your unique application may require custom integration with third party applications, or you may require specialized features that are not available by default. EMG Technologies provides advanced program scripting services to design and implement custom features with your Scala system. These features may include implementation of emergency alerts, external data sources, push buttons, automation, control of electronic equipment, sensor triggers, and more.

Interactive Touchscreens

Allowing users to interact with your digital signage through a touchscreen interface, is a powerful way to engage your audience and quickly disseminate information. EMG Technologies is experienced with both hardware configuration, and software programming required to develop full featured touchscreen systems. Touch screen systems for Scala are now available in wide variety of screen sizes. They can be contained in portable kiosk enclosures, sit neatly on a desktop, or be permanently mounted on a wall or in a cabinet.

Video Walls and Custom Displays

Scala has the ability to drive displays of nearly any size or shape including multi-display configurations. EMG Technologies has the experience, knowledge, and resources to design and install these complex display systems that are low maintenance and easy to operate. Whether you are interested in a video wall for your lobby, a billboard size display on the outside of your building, or anything in between, EMG Technologies can help you make it a reality.

Broadcast and Live Streaming

EMG Technologies deploys Scala systems as part of a full broadcast support system that includes hardware switchers, audio, cameras, streaming encoders, and supporting equipment. If your organization has a need to manage a live Internet stream, cable, satellite, or other broadcast video channel, contact us for full assessment and proposal. Our Scala enabled systems are low maintenance, and easy to operate with minimal staffing.

Customized Training

EMG Technologies provides customized training for the knowledge required to operate Scala in your environment. Training sessions are generally conducted on-site. During hands on exercises you will develop and schedule content to your system that can be used upon completion of the training.

Maintenance and Support

EMG Technologies provides any assistance you require to keep your Scala system operating optimally. Most issues can be solved over the phone, through email, or online collaboration tools. However, on-site visits may be necessary to resolve some issues. If there is a problem that we cannot solve, we will arrange for a specialist such as an electrician or product manufacturer to help resolve the issue.

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