Recent projects...

Attendees at ADIPEC experience a VR application created by EMG Technologies that demonstrates the Orbis™ system by CRC-Evans®.

In the past few years EMG Technologies has been focused on the development of VR as an option for electronic learning. Recent developments have made VR technology very portable and easy to deploy, which make this technology even more viable and affordable for distance learning, and training.

Navy Virtual Home Port Piloting

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A Virginia-Class submarine at at the pier in Pearl Harbor.

Imagine traversing the Panama Canal on the bridge of a submarine. You can look at the environment all around you, watch out for oncoming ships, oversee activities as you pass through the locks, monitor your speed, heading, and GPS location, check your charts to see where you are, and what navigational aides are ahead of you.

Now imagine experiencing this without leaving your office, or classroom. EMG Technologies has developed a VR aplication that made this possible for Panama Canal, and for piloting in 3 major Navy Ports. With the development or our EAGLE 360 ® platform, we combined 360° video coverage entire piloting routes, with geospacial data, and navigational data to provide a one of a kind training experience.

Bring an Excavator to Your Trade Show Booth

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VR simulation produced by EMG Technolgies that showcases the DECKHAND® Pipe Handling System by LaValley Industries.

EMG worked with CRC-Evans and LaValley Industries to do this through the use of 3D modeling, 360° video, and game development. The result is a VR experience in which users take a ride in an excavator, and explore a virtual environemnt to see how an attachement for the machine picks up and moves large pipe segments that weigh about 20 tons.

Demonstrating a product such as this at a trade show would be impossible without the use of VR technology. Potential clients are free to move about a virtual environement, view, and learn more about the product from the safety of a VR headset.

This application can be easily modifies for use in a virtual training evironment.